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Our Bodies Ourselves began when a group of young women decided THEY should be the ones in charge of their bodies -- not their male doctors, husbands, or political institutions.

The issues we fought for then – access to evidence-based information and the right to make our own reproductive choices – are again center stage.

So now we’re creating a new, interactive platform to amplify the work of reproductive and social justice activists and make it possible for everyone to collect, save, and share vetted information on specific health topics. Join our campaign!

Did you know...

  • The first version of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” (1970), was a hand-stapled zine called "Women and Their Bodies." In all the years since, OBOS has NEVER accepted money from corporations or pharmaceutical companies. Your support matters!

  • OBOS provides support to women's groups around the world developing their own versions of "Our Bodies, Ourselves." More than 30 different languages have been published, including a Ugandan adaptation released this year.

  • Facts about abortion and early abortion options are OBOS's most popular web pages, viewed more than 25,000 times per week. Other popular pages include info on miscarriage, painful intercourse, and perimenopause.

  • “Our Bodies, Ourselves” is on Time magazine's list of the 100 Best Nonfiction Books and in the Library of Congress exhibit Books That Shaped America.

Why is Our Bodies Ourselves important to you?

"Responsible and reliable information should be a societal standard. Organizations like OBOS are critical at this moment, particularly for women of color, members of the LGBT community, and women living in marginalized circumstances."

Erin Entrada Kelly, young adult author/ OBOS board member

"Women and girls don't just need accurate information and access to reproductive care - they need to be listened to and supported. In a world that so often dismisses the concerns of women, something that simple can go a long way."

Jessica Valenti, Guardian columnist and author of "Sex Object"
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